The Bird And The Bee "Interpreting The Masters Volume 1 : A Tribute To Daryl Hall And John Oates" BACK IN STOCK - Shipping 12/13/19

The Bird and the Bee "Interpreting The Masters Volume 1: A Tribute To Daryl Hall and John Oates" - 140g Purple-Pink Pressing - Back In Stock - Shipping 12/01/19  

    • Mastering: Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
    • Plating& Pressing: Record Technology Inc (R.T.I.)
    • Print & Paper: Dorado Music Packaging
    • Audio Source: 44.1/16 final mix files
    • First Time On Vinyl
    • 1xLP 140g Purple-Pink Original First Pressing
    • Inner Sleeve
    • Original Release Date March 2010
    • File Under: Synth Pop, Indie Pop, Electro


The Bird and the Bee "Interpreting The Masters Volume 1: A Tribute To Daryl Hall and John Oates" finally gets released on vinyl for the first time!

As you likely know The Bird and the Bee is 2x Grammy Award winning producer Greg Kurstin & LA Singer-Songwriter Inara George. This tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates belongs in every record collection, it stands the test of time and arguably sounds more relevant today then when it was released 8 years ago. 

The recording was produced, engineered and mixed by Greg Kurstin before he became one of the most successful producers of all time. The placement of sounds with Inara's gorgeous voice is a perfect match for these pop classics! Listening to this record today was an obvious sonic clue to the tremendous success that would follow Greg as a producer!   

This pressing is a real testament that a digital source, when the original recording is fantastic, and the lacquers are cut by a genius like Kevin Gray, can have amazing dynamic range, warmth, and an analog type sound!

Happy Listening!