Playlists For You

Stay at Home; Music for Your Quarantine

04/02/2020. A mixtape for social distancing! Stay safe, sound, and hunkered down. Meant to be played in order, you know, like a long a** mixtape.

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Vinyl Sampler; Stream the SDS Collection

10/17/2020. The best of our releases for Grant Green, the bird and the bee, Andrew Oldham's Orchestra, Rogue Wave, and Marcy Playground.

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30th Anniversary Grover's Holiday Ho Down

12/24/2019. A yearly tradition I started back in 1990 in Sharon, PA! Features a very quirky mix filled with deep cuts and rare releases. 

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Record Store Day 2018: A Guide

04/01/2018. Our 2018 Record Store Day releases are the bird and the bee "A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates" and Andrew Oldham Orchestra's "The Rolling Stones Songbook." Here's a playlist of other releases to pick up April 21, 2018. 

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Gary Burden: A Tribute Playlist

03/11/2018. Gary Burden was a genius! He was funny, he was bad ass cool, he was an old dog learning new tricks up till yesterday. He essentially invented the invention of album cover art. He created the visual side of some of the most iconic records of all time. Get these on vinyl to appreciate his beautiful art!


Go Buy Some Vinyl: Reissues We Loved in 2017

01/01/2018. We believe streaming music leads to buying music ... after all nobody wants to rent when they can own! Tons of great music in 2017 but these are the reissues we loved. Go buy some vinyl!!!



Go Buy Some Vinyl: Records We Liked in 2017

12/29/2017. Kamasi Washington, Kendrick, The Marias, and tons more great sh*t from 2017.



Records We Liked in 2017 (Long Player)

12/29/2017. Long form playlist of our favorite records from 2017. 



Record Store Day April 22, 2017

03/22/2017. Our first ever release is Marcy Playground's self-entitled debut, on vinyl for the first time ever... a Record Store Day exclusive with a 7" single. This playlist reps our love for record stores!