Various Age Of Worry [1xLP 140g Black Vinyl][Iron Mountain Research Facility]

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  • 1 x LP + gatefold sleeve 
  • Audio Source: Original Analog Tape
  • Lacquers: ?
  • Pressing: ?
  • Scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia
  • Limited Edition 500 LPs – 250 ‘Nuclear Winter’ white vinyl / 250 ‘Failsafe’ black vinyl (randomly inserted)
  • All original Monument Recordings (1969-1979)
  • Genre: Folk, Country, World

From the people who brought you Hillbillies In Hell…

Smooth countrypolitan sides of Doom, Apocalyptic Shag-Cowpokes, anti-Vietnam War Freak-Folkies, small-town Hayseed-Vignettes, ambulance-chasing Bluegrass, red-baiting exploitation-jangle-Folk-Pop and wigged-out Nashville space-age Instrumentals – you’ll hear all that and much more on this extraordinary LP…

Charting the tumultuous decade of 1960-1970, ‘Age Of Worry’ presents 18 somewhat nervous and seldom-heard oddities, obscurities and treasures from the depths of the Monument Records vault. Sometimes outrageous, sometimes sublime – listen to Vern Stovall lament the maudlin fate of ‘Code Alarm 7’, Rusty Draper on tortured suburban ennui and Captain Ty Herrington on emasculated masculinity.

A spellbinding disc of Country Pop, Bluegrass, Folk and Novelty sides all touched in one way or another by Cold War tension and the changing tides of 1960s society.