Pylon Gyrate [140g Black Vinyl Reissue] [DB Recs/New West]

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    Label: DB Recs 1980

    Format: Vinyl LP

    Genre: Post Punk, Art Rock, Indie Rock

    Pylon were art-school students at the University of Georgia in the late 1970s just as Athens was becoming a musical hot spot in the USA. "Gyrate" is their seminal debut record released in 1980. The heavy bass lines hit you from the opening notes of the album with "Volume". A perfect opening for such an important record. I don't think "genius" is an over statement. And the guitar lines throughout. I bought "Gyrate" when it first came out and remember being surprised  this band from Georgia  was doing UK inspired Post Punk with driving anthems - and really really killing it. "Weather Radio", "Driving School","Feast On My Heart"... this album belongs in every serious record collection. 

    I have a couple New West vinyl titles that made me wish I bought the CDs so I was a bit suspect about this reissue. I even sent a note asking where it was being mastered and pressed - oddly never found out. I know now though and this reissue is fantastic! The design and packaging is top notch, care given to every detail even down to replicating the original labels and a heavy paper inner sleeve.  I am guessing the band was involved in this project. Original tapes - lacquers cut by Bob Weston who knows a thing or two about sound and in particular THIS sound. Pressed in Athens, GA. at Kindercore Vinyl. My copy of the reissue is dead quiet, perfectly flat, and freakin awesome! Nicely done. 


    • Slow Down Select - hand picked by Grover
    • 140g Blue Exclusive Vinyl 
    • Mastered By: Bob Weston @Chicago Mastering
    • Pressed By: Kindercore Vinyl
    • Audio Source: Original Analog Tapes
    • Single Pocket Jacket + Inner Sleeve
    • First Repress since 1988

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