The Mountain Goats "Getting Into Knives" [2xLP Black Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve ] w/DL

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Label: Merge

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Rock

I think The Mountain Goats have had more airplay at Slow Down Sounds HQ during COVID than any other band. John Darnielle is pretty much a genius, a true study of the songwriting craft. I remember buying their lo-fi home recordings and 7" years and years ago. All their music is wonderful - talk about "Stop and Hear the Music". Sit down and have a listen to "Getting Into Knives" from front to back. You'll be glad you did. 



  • Slow Down Select - hand picked by Grover
  • Includes Download Card
  • Recorded at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN
  • No other details about the pressing are available

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