Levee Wolf "Tremble Some" Debut Album Download

The debut album from Bay Area musician, writer and photographer Levee Wolf. His beautiful photos are the covers of his music releases. Levee is a story teller - listening to each song on the album is like reading a book of short stories. "Really Real" is a snapshot of the short attention span created by the internet while "Cold Connecticut" is a family tale and the sad banger "In Passing" tells a tragic story all too familiar in our world today. Tremble Some is a wonderful beginning to what we hope is a long musical ride.

From Levee: My debut album is out February 25th. That’s also my 26th birthday. It’s got all the songs I’ve written since the first one fell right out when I was about 21. That one came out easy like water from a jug and the rest are like cleanin' peanut butter outta a mason jar. They’re all being released by Slow Down Sounds, a label I’m awful grateful to be a part of. You can find me on their website along with other great artists and lots of cool vinyl. What else. I’m sitting in a sunbeam in my little kitchen in San Francisco, watching some crows annoy this hawk as the fog is comin' in. Gotta get goin to work in a sec but some days move slower than others and no use in trying to make em go any faster. Multitudes.