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  • SDS Co-Founder Jacqui Featured in Women in Vinyl

    · By Grover Biery

    Our Co-Founder, the wonderful Jacqui Biery, was recently featured in this piece by Women in Vinyl.
  • Slow Down Sounds - The Beginning

    · By Grover Biery

    To trace the inspiration of Slow Down Sounds will take a couple of posts I suspect, but I worked at Warner Bros. Records for 20 years and somehow managed to scale the executive ladder... even as a massive music junkie ....

  • Slow Down Sounds' On Line Shop Is Open - Inara George "Dearest Everybody" Now Shipping

    · By Grover Biery

    Our first release was actually on Record Store Day 2017, "Marcy Playground" by Marcy Playground. It was the 20th anniversary and had never been on vinyl so we had a great reissue to launch. It sold-out within' hours! Exciting. After market prices were quickly between $75.00 - $150.00 so what did we do about that? Well I had held back enough copies for the eventual store we were plotting but instead of waiting I put them on ebay... at $25.00 including shipping! We got so many comments thanking us for doing this! It was a blast to crush on the...