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All Aspects of Pressing

• Mastering, plating, pressing 

• 12”, 10”, 7”

• Color Variants

All aspects of Printing

• Record Jackets

• Center Labels

• Inserts + posters

• Booklets

• Boxsets + slipcase

• Marketing stickers




• Global distribution partners have comprehensive reach into independent stores, leading e-retailers, and essentially any place music is sold

• SDS can deliver bespoke retail marketing campaigns, exclusive product campaigns, catalogue campaigns and label spotlight promotions.

• SDS provides direct marketing to stores as well as providing regular marketing updates to our partners.

• Provide a complete physical stock solution handling stock control, fulfilment, logistics, and storage at competitive prices. 


• Worldwide 100% market reach

• Choose what, to whom and when, + have control over pricing + release dates.

• Content is live + in-store within hours.

• SDS has direct deals at Spotify and Apple Music.

SDS promotes the artists we represent to a global database of music supervisors, advertising agencies, brand consultants, and  sync agents.

• Led by Tom “Grover” Biery, our goal is to help the artist achieve their goals.

• Artist development strategy

• Song and Album campaigns

• Artist career campaigns

• Provide optimization across all DSPs

• Advise and implement best practice solutions based on years of direct streaming and play listing experience.

• Leverage direct relationships with Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud, and other leading streaming platforms for all SDS clients

• Promote tracks to specific chart, genre, mood, and theme-based playlists both within platform curated playlists as well as third party.

• SDS will strive to create audience engagement strategies designed to build sustainable streaming performance.

• Analyze Data

• Decades of relationships and experience in radio promotion

• Radio as a marketing partner

• Terrestrial / Traditional   

• Non Comm / NPR

• Digital Radio

• Strategy

• Marketing Plans

• Social Media Posting

• Timelines and Release Schedules

• Budgets

• D2C - connecting directly to fans

• Shopify – Optimizing and Best Practices

• E-Mail Marketing  strategies

• On Line Advertising

• Detailed and Transparent revenue Reports 

• Monthly Accounting

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