Marcy Playground "Marcy Playground"(SDS-1501) Back In Stock First Time On HQ-180g Vinyl

Marcy Playground "Marcy Playground" (SDS-1501) First time on HQ-180g black vinyl. Printed inside cover and includes inner sleeve.

We have a limited number in stock now. Contains the Alt.Radio classic "Sex and Candy"... but the record is so much more than that. "Saint Joe on the School Bus" is a classic in its own right and sadly "One More Suicide" is even more relevant today than 20 years ago when it was written.

Mastered from the 1630 digital source, Kevin Gray did his magic to the original recording which is full of warmth and dynamics. Pressed from the same metal mother of our previous Marcy Playground releases this 180g pressing is dead quiet. It makes a case that 180g actually does sound better, a theory I sometimes struggle with. 

"Stop and Hear the Music"

  • Mastering: Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
  • Audio Source: Original 1630 Digital Master
  • Plating: Dorin Sauerbier at Record Technology, Inc
  • Pressing: Rick Hashimoto at Record Technology, Inc
  • Vinyl Compound: TPC Plastics
  • Print & Paper: Dorado Music Packaging
  • Design Update: Donny Phillips for KIHL Studio