Ruby Johnson "If I Ever Needed Love" 1xLP [Mississippi Records]

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Mostly from the songwriting and production team of PORTER AND HAYES (who brought you hits by many other great artists whose first or last names start with "John" - MABEL JOHN, JOHNNIE TAYLOR and so on) comes the first LP by the great RUBY JOHNSON.

RUBY JOHNSON has recorded forty-seven songs and here you will find twelve of her very best. RUBY is here to illustrate the in's and out's of love and loss, writ large and small. Is love a roller coaster ride? You bet! Is it worth it? The jury's out. Love can RUN YOUR HURT AWAY or reveal your WEAK SPOT. It can make you exclaim NO NO NO or it can make you whisper COME TO ME MY DARLING. But the fates will agree that in the end, IT'S NOT THAT EASY and Love will one day get you saying LET ME APOLOGIZE.

An old friend of mine once said, "Love is a fool, love, but Love don't love no fools, love." He even sang it once. RUBY JOHNSON does that friend one better and encourages us all to CHECK OURSELVES, DON'T PLAY THAT SONG and KEEP OUR LOVE STRONG, if nothing else.

Another friend once said "You got to leave the table if love is not being served." With this record, the table is set, RUBY is at the head of it, and all the love you ever needed is piled high on your plate. Bon Appétit!

Through these twelve songs and her life of charity, faith and kindness, RUBY JOHNSON has displayed the greatest love - all the while asking that timeless question: HOW STRONG IS MY LOVE? Listen here to find out.....