SDS Artists


Rock-n-Soul from South Texas.

The three brothers have been rocking crowds with their
soulful bluesy sound since 2007.

Hacienda’s first three LP’s were produced by Dan Auerbach of
the Black Keys. They were also his backing band for Dan's solo tour!

Hacienda are finishing their new album - due out late Summer 2022!


Scapegoat Wax

Scapegoat Wax is Grammy-nominated songwriter Marty James. Part hip hop, part breakbeat, and always having fun. After a
long hiatus, Scapegoat Wax is back with new music! FULLY INDIE.

This is a partnership with Marty’s Chico, CA.  based Mighty Oak Music Co. 


Ella Anderson

Best known for her role as Piper in the Nickelodeon series Henry Danger, Ella has been acting professionally most of her life.

When the pandemic shutdown the industry Ella found herself quarantined with her musical
family. She began writing songs and collaborating with her brother 18buummm. Together they wrote multiple songs and caught the attention of some top producers and blew her fans away. In May
of 2021 Ella along with Nathan Plotvin made a masterpiece video for
her single “Alone”.


Brett Fromson

Cleveland native Brett Fromson has put in his 10,000 hours.
Now he just needs to be heard. His sound is bluesy-americana rock n roll. He is
a multi-instrumentalist, and a gifted singer songwriter.


Levee Wolf

Levee creatively beats to his own drum, guitar and piano.
Indie pop with a beginning, middle and end, he turns a story into a song. His lyrics are poetic. Born and raised in Northern California, he sings from his
heart, and reflects the beauty of what he sees in his songs.

His photos are the covers on his songs. Debut album is out now. 



Smerco is a brand-new artist and the latest member of the SDS family. We were so impressed with his songwriting and first couple of songs he played us, we decided to partner with him at ground zero of his career. 



18buummm is an up-n-coming producer, engineer and artist. Currently residing and grinding in New York City.