Black Unity Trio "Al- Fatihah" [1xLP 150g Black Vinyl Gatefold] [Gotta Groove] [Out Of Print]

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  • 150g Black Vinyl - Numbered Gatefold Sleeve
  • Mastered By: Well Made Music (Clint Holley & Dave Polster)
  • Plating: Nipro Optics
  • Pressed By: Gotta Groove Records
  • Audio Source: Original Scotch 201 Analog Tape

This 2020 reissue went out of print quickly... in addition to the incredible music, the entire package is fantastic. Detailed liner notes on the musicians, the songs, the creation of such glorious music. Dead quiet pressing - the sound and music are both 10/10. One of the best reissues of 2020! Highly recommended.  

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