Don Cherry "Cherry Jam" 1xLP 180g Black Vinyl [45rpm mono]

Original Label: Unissued - 1965
Current Label: Gearbox Records GB 1559OBI - 2021
Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop 
Format: LP

‘Cherry Jam’ sets the scene in Copenhagen, a city which proved instrumental in the hosting and development of jazz musicians both local and American. Cherry had performed and recorded there with Archie Shepp in 1963, toured with Albert Ayler in the autumn of 1964, and would go on to have a residency at the hip Cafe Montmartre in 1966.

This recording is taken from the original tape of a 1965 radio broadcast, programmed by Denmark’s national radio station (Danmarks Radio.) It was in this same year that Cherry
 would record his landmark Blue Note recording, ‘Complete Communion’, with Leandro 'Gato' Barbieri on tenor saxophone, Henry Grimes on double bass, and Edward Blackwell on drums, as well as feature on fellow American expatriate George Russell’s live album ‘George Russell Sextet at Beethoven Hall’. This particular line-up however, consisting of Danish musicians, has never been heard after its original broadcast date, and neither have the three original Don Cherry compositions that are featured on the recording credits.

Recorded at Danmarks Radio Studio 2, Copenhagen, October 1965
Mastered in-house at Gearbox Records
Artwork photograph by Riccardo Schwamenthal


  • Slow Down Select - hand picked by Grover
  • 1 x LP 180g Black Vinyl (45rpm)[mono]
  • Audio Source: Original Tape Files
  • Lacquers: Gearbox
  • Plating & Pressing: Optimal Germany
  • Print & Paper: tbc
  • Original Release Date: unissued

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