Driftless Dreamers In Cuca Country Compilation - Various Artists [2 x LP Black Vinyl]

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  • 2 x LP 140g Black Viny;
  • Audio Source: ??
  • Lacquers: ??
  • Plating & Pressing: ??
  • Print & paper: ??
  • Original release Date: 2021 
  • Genre: Country, Folk, World  

 Home to Cuca Records and hundreds of Nashville-fantasizing pluckers and singers, Wisconsin’s Driftless region was a hotbed of country music in the 1960s. Influenced by old-timey ethnic songs, Bakersfield outlaws, countrypolitan rainbows, and the lonesome twang of every rural route roadhouse, these 17 Driftless Dreamers washed up at Jim Kirchstein’s Sauk City record plant with little more than $100 and a longing. Collected here are the fruits of Cuca’s documentary approach to record making, capturing the voices and stories of a culture and glacier in abatement.

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