Lee Morgan "The Sidewinder" [All Analog 180g Reissue Vinyl][Classic Blue Note Series]

Label: Blue Note 1964

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop, Soul-Jazz, Funky-Jazz

Amazing music and sound at a fair price!

Yes this title has been reissued around the world many times... however, it is one of the quintessential Blue Note records to own. The Sidewinder is a jazz classic and the best-selling album ever by Lee Morgan. The title track has been a marquee feature of several Blue Note comps over the years, car commercials, Soul-Jazz dance floors and more, but the other tunes cook as well. Includes "Hocus Pocus", "Boy, What A Night" and "Totem Pole".

The group on this recording features Joe Henderson on tenor, Barry Harris on piano, Bob Crenshaw on bass, Billy Higgins on drums and of course the incredible trumpet of Lee Morgan! This reissue is from analog tape and the genius Kevin Gray cut the lacquers, like he has done on so many Blue Note reissues over the last 20 + years!

I know this is considered much more of a Bop record, but for me a couple of these tracks would fit on any Soul Jazz mix tape. I've been using "Sidewinder" on mixes for the last 20 years! 

The Blue Note Classic Series is putting the legendary Blue Note catalog back in print in wonderful sound quality. The jackets are not "tip ons" like the originals but with the cost of original Blue Notes out of reach for most record collectors these days it's great to have these reissues - from analog tape no less! 

We will continue to try and stock them at the lowest price possible. 


  • Slow Down Select - hand picked by Grover
  • 180g Black Vinyl - awesome sound, great value
  • Mastered By: Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
  • Pressed By: Optimal 
  • Audio Source: Original Analog Tapes
  • Direct To Board Jacket


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